Osaka Metro Envisions Yumeshima Station As 55-Story Tower

The newly-privatized Osaka Metro has unveiled a medium-term development plan that calls for a 55-story tower to be built above the future Yumeshima Station, adding to the entertainment complex associated with the 2025 World Expo and the anticipated IR.

The ambitiously-designed Yumeshima Station would stand over 250 meters tall and have construction costs expected to rise above 100 billion yen (about US$910 million). It would host hotels, entertainment facilities, and business offices, with an observation deck on the top floor.

Osaka Metro’s plan, should it go forward, seems likely to have a major impact on how a potential IR operator would design their own facilities. Of course, Osaka Metro has not coordinated its plans with other developments, as the IR operators and Expo designers have yet to be selected. (AGB Nippon)