Genting Still Interested in Macau

Genting Berhad Chairman and CEO Lim Kok Thay said the operator would be interested in bidding for a license in Macau should the government open the market to further entrants during the concession renewal process, local media reports.

“Like Japan, we’re interested but we don’t know what (the terms are),” AsiaOne cited Lim as saying. “So again, like Japan, let’s wait and see what decisions the Macau government will make.”

Genting failed to win one of the Macau concessions when the government opened the market in 2002. Those concessions come up for renewal in 2020 and 2022, though the government has not yet laid out details of how the rebidding process will be carried out.

The Malaysian group has also been building its ground game in Japan, with Genting Singapore expected to spearhead the group’s ambitions in the country. However, Lim said “nothing is written in black and white that they would be the one.”

“As a group, we feel that at least before too much is known, let Genting Singapore be the one that leads the way and if they were to need help or support… other parts of the group could also contribute.” (AGB)