Universal Entertainment Releases Monthly Results for Casino Resort Business

Apparently as part of its policy of enhanced information disclosure as promised in a statement to the JASDAQ securities exchange last month, Universal Entertainment has publicly released a monthly report on its casino business—in other words, regarding Okada Manila in the Philippines.

The October results showed a gross gaming revenue of 2.7 billion pisos (about US$51.3 million) and adjusted segment EBITDA of 371 million pisos (about US$7 million).

The statement noted, “The adjusted segment EBITDA of October reached an all-time high. Excluding the result of May 2018 which was driven by onetime temporary spike due to junket grand opening events, the gross gaming revenue of October also reached an all-time high.”

Also, the Okada Manila facility maintained a hotel occupancy rate of 97.7% in October, according to the statement. (AGB Nippon)