Tomakomai Holds IR Lectures for Local Residents

The municipal government of Tomakomai city is in the midst of offering a series of lectures to local residents for the purpose of building support for the IR construction plan. There are a total of seventeen such lectures, each held in a different location in the city.

The flier advertising the program explains: “City officials will visit the areas where you live and will exchange opinions with you. The city formulated the ‘Tomakomai International Resort Initiative’ in June this year with the aim of promoting the development of an IR, so that Tomakomai will not have a decreasing population. We will explain our ideas and exchange opinions with the local participants. We hope for the participation of many people and consider it a valuable opportunity to think carefully about the future of Tomakomai.”

The lecture series began on October 10 and the final even is scheduled for November 19.

Among the smaller, regional governments, Tomakomai has consistently been among the most proactive and methodical in its approach to seeking an IR. (AGB Nippon)