Caesars Entertainment: Pioneer of Responsible Gaming

Caesars Entertainment introduced and institutionalized the industry’s first Responsible Gaming (RG) effort in the 1980s. Caesars believes that corporate social responsibility is a critical factor for continued business success, and takes an integrated approach based on clear objectives, measurable outcomes, and scientific evidence.

Jennifer Shatley, former Vice President of Responsible Gaming Policies and Compliance at Caesars Entertainment and current consultant to the company, talks through the framework for RG at Caesars properties.

Q1: What is RG, and why is it important?

IRs are made for enjoyment, so we want everyone who gambles to do so for the right reason – to simply have fun. We don’t want people who can’t gamble responsibly to play at Caesars venues or any venue, and the RG programs, initiatives, and systems developed by us over the past decades advance these goals. We aim to provide the tools and resources for customers to gamble responsibly and have a positive experience, which means setting personal limits, and not gambling with the objective of financial gain.

Q2: What does Caesars Entertainment do to promote RG?

Promoting RG based on sound science has long been part of Caesars’ culture, and we hold our company publicly accountable to the industry’s highest business conduct standards. RG is taken extremely seriously at every level of the company, with policies reflecting our efforts to lead the casino industry with the development of forward-thinking initiatives. This commitment and continued investment in RG has been a critical factor for our business success and leaves a positive impact on all of our home communities.

Concrete examples of what we do include:

-Ensure all employees undergo comprehensive training

-Carry out specialized training for over 750 Responsible Gaming Ambassadors, who conduct conversations with customers when there are concerns that a customer may not be gambling responsibly

-Provide referral information and options for assistance for those who may be experiencing problems

-Disseminate and provide education and awareness through on-property RG materials, which includes the key principles of gambling, how games work, tips on responsible play, and problem gambling treatment referral and support

-Develop cutting edge technology and programs to empower employees and guests to respond to potential gambling-related problems

-Exercise self-exclusion and self-restriction programs, as well as exclusion at the company’s discretion, which apply to all Caesars Entertainment casinos and gambling facilities in the U.S. and overseas, for those who do not gamble responsibly

Q3: What about off-property?

Partnering with AT&T and the National Council on Problem Gambling, Caesars in 1995 established the industry’s first national toll-free helpline for gamblers who might need assistance. We were also the first casino company to provide that helpline across a constellation of customer contact points, such as in all of our gaming marketing materials. We also collaborate with state problem gambling research and treatment communities, outreach and public education organizations, academics, treatment professionals, recovering problem gamblers, regulators and other government entities on effective RG measures. Additionally, we broadcast the industry’s first television ad campaign focused specifically on delivering RG messages.

Q4: What is Caesars Entertainment doing to help Japan implement problem gambling countermeasures?

The biggest challenge now facing Japan is a lack of an existing RG framework, as well as limited scientific research and treatment professionals. To support Japan, we are committed to using Caesars’ almost 30 years of institutional knowledge and relationships with international experts in a range of capacities.

We have committed JPY 50 million to RG which has so far been utilized to fund collaboration and engagement with local practitioners and Japanese leaders in the medical field of addiction. We are also spending tremendous resources to adapt our award-winning RG program to the Japanese culture. We are highly aware that what works in other markets may not work in Japan; therefore, we are researching and commissioning Japanese experts to test ways to deliver effective messages to the Japanese public and how to adapt global standard RG concepts and programs to the Japanese culture.

Q5: Have you been developing new technology for Japan?

Caesars prioritizes guest experience and safety, and is constantly seeking to innovate and improve our current systems. Over the years we have invested millions of dollars in RG technology to support our RG mission. This has allowed us to be a pioneer in the industry including being the first casino operator to develop and implement an “RG Log” technology solution to record, track and evaluate employee concerns that a customer may not be gambling responsibly. This commitment continues in Japan, as we pledge our commitment to creating a Japanese Entertainment Resort (“JER”) where visitors and the local community can be reassured the RG program is supported with state-of-the-art, purpose-built information technology systems. We recently showed Japanese media an early preview of facial recognition technology we are developing, and understanding that development should be based on the unique social characteristics of Japan, we are constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with Japanese tech companies in this field. (PR)