Pachinko Chains Institute Rolling Store Closures in Hokkaido

Larger pachinko companies, ordinarily quite conspicuous in their consumption of electricity, are going the extra mile in energy-tight Hokkaido by instituting rolling closures at their outlets as a special conservation measure that goes beyond turning off some neon signs.

Maruhan, which operates 33 pachinko parlors in Hokkaido, announced that each of its outlets will suspend business for one weekday per two-week period. They commented, “We express our condolences to all of the disaster victims and pray from the bottom of our hearts for a rapid recovery.”

Maruhan also revealed that even before the rolling store closures, they were already achieving a 33% reduction in electricity consumption, well beyond the 20% demanded by the government.

Dynam, which operates 23 pachinko parlors in Hokkaido, has also instituted a rolling store closure program. They began on Tuesday and are suspending business at two or three outlets each weekday.

It’s not only the large national chains, but even some of the larger Hokkaido-based pachinko firms that are instituting rolling store closures. The Shinwa Group, which runs the Play Land Happy pachinko store brand, is suspending business at all of its 21 stores at least one time per week. (AGB Nippon)