Fujitsu Introduces Cashless Biometric Betting Machines

Fujitsu has announced the development of cashless betting machines to be installed at the Tokyo Racecourse on September 22, and thereafter to all Japan Racing Association (JRA) racecourses and WINS off-track betting facilities.

Punters using the new system will have their palm vein information linked to their JRA membership card, which can be credited with money. The cashless betting machines will allow “highly secure placement of cashless bets as well as payouts,” according to Fujitsu.

They continue: “JRA is using Fujitsu’s cashless betting machines featuring palm vein authentication as they make counterfeiting difficult and offer high recognition accuracy to verify members.”

Although not mentioned by Fujitsu, similar technology may be applied in the future to the casinos that operate at Japanese IRs. (AGB Nippon)