Galaxy Chairman Emphasizes Non-Gaming Aspects for IR Bid

Galaxy Entertainment Chairman Lui Che-Woo says that his firm’s bid for an IR license in Japan will focus on the non-gaming aspects of the facility, and that it will cater to a high-end market.

Speaking in a CNBC interview, Lui stated, “We have always said we need more non-gaming than gaming businesses. When we got a Macau license, many journalists asked about that. I told them we concentrate on both gaming and non-gaming—but of the two we hope to focus less on gaming. In our designs for Phase 2, 3 and 4 on Cota, more than 90 percent of the infrastructure is intended for non-gaming, meaning we reduce the gaming part. The fact is this is the trend. Honestly, not everyone gambles. Some people treat it as entertainment.”

He added, “Japan is a high-end market, and we will cater to this segment.”

By all accounts, Galaxy is still developing its strategies in Japan and has not yet focused its efforts on a specific municipality. (AGB Nippon)