Japan “Night View Tourism” Promoted in Malaysia

In a form of tourism that may have relevance to the future IR industry, an organization called the Yakei Convention and Visitors Bureau has been promoting “night view tourism.” At the recent “Yakei Summit” in Kuala Lumpur, Nagasaki Deputy Mayor Kunihiko Kato promoted his city’s night view in particular: “We aim to introduce Nagasaki and its night views to Malaysians,” he told the Bernama news agency.

According to the local media, a representative of the Yakei Convention and Visitors Bureau explained that his organization was established in 2012 and has registered 160 facilities across Japan that provide particularly beautiful night views.

Malaysia was chosen as the venue of this year’s Yakei Summit in part due to the ever larger numbers of tourists visiting from that country. According to the figures of the Japan National Tourism Organization, more than 36,000 Malaysian tourists visited Japan during the month of June 2018 alone, which was a brisk 21.5% advance on the previous year’s number.

Deputy Mayor Kato made clear that he’d like to attract more of these Malaysian tourists to Nagasaki rather than see all of them visit more usual destinations such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

One of the main objectives of the Japanese government in establishing the IR industry is to breathe life into Japan’s nighttime entertainment market. (AGB Nippon)