Syndicates Secure Bank Accounts Ahead of World Cup

With only a few days to the FIFA World Cup, bookmaking syndicates in Malaysia have been busy securing bank accounts from individuals to be used to accept bets and launder money during the tournament, Oriental Daily News reports.

Account holders are said to be paid as much as 1,000 ringgits (about US$250) for each account.

One source told Oriental Daily News that the banks will be closely monitoring the activities of their customer accounts to detect for illegal activity.

“An average person’s bank account may see transactions totalling several thousand ringgit a day. Even so, it is not every day that we bank in this amount or it will arouse suspicion. For this reason, each illegal gambling syndicate has 70 to 100 bank accounts at their disposal,” said the source.

This is not the first time these syndicates have been borrowed bank accounts to launder money, but it is understood that the “reward” has doubled in preparation for the World Cup. (AGB)