Judicial Scriveners’ Association Calls for Scrapping IR Bill

The Japan Federation of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Associations, the leading group for the nation’s judicial scriveners who specialize in legal registration procedures, issued a statement on June 5 calling for the IR Implementation Bill to be scrapped.

The statement, issued in the name of Chairman Yoshinori Imagawa, cited fears of increased gambling addiction as its key reason for opposition.

“Although the ruling coalition promised that, ‘Based on the IR Promotion Act, we will create secure and attractive Japanese-style IRs that both adults and can enjoy while taking all possible countermeasures regarding issues of concern,’ we are compelled to say that the measures are insufficient. At present, the risks of creating more gambling addicts and debtors are extremely high,” the statement read.

The statement took particular issue with Article 85 of the IR Implementation Bill, which would, they contend, make it possible for both foreign tourists and local Japanese to borrow money from casino operators and thus compound the social risks.

Another major organization representing Japan’s legal profession, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, has long been among the key leaders of the opposition to casino legalization, issuing statements, publishing pamphlets, and holding public seminars on the subject. (AGB Nippon)