SJM Shifts Palace Opening Date to 2019Q1

SJM has confirmed it is shifting the opening date of the Grand Lisboa Palace to the first quarter of 2019, Macau TDM reports.

The delay was expected after a number of fires and workplace incidents which occurred in 2017. The resort was originally scheduled to finish in the second half of 2018.

Group managing director Angela Leong also warned that the local gaming industry will need to stay competitive in the case that Beijing allows gaming activities in Hainan. “Instead of focusing purely on gaming and tourism, we need to instead focus on the overall outlook of our economic development,” said Leong. “I believe that many of our industries could benefit from one another if we spend more efforts to deepen our understanding of Hainan. After all, the opening-up of the island serves as an impetus to encourage Macau people to keep their competitive edge,” she added. (AGB)