New Zealand Trial Facial Recognition Technology

About fifteen gaming venues across New Zealand are trying out facial recognition technology, with a further six to install the system in the next few weeks, local media reports.

The technology monitors people entering gaming rooms and checks their face against a voluntary database of problem gamblers, who have asked to be barred from venues. Once a match is identified a member of staff is alerted.

However, the system is expensive and is unlikely to be cost effective for smaller premises.

According to Radio New Zealand, the system took four years to develop by Torutek and COMs Systems following a request from the gaming industry.

“It’s an extremely expensive system and basically it would only suit venues who can afford the technology,” Radio New Zealand cited Paul Andrew of COMs Systems as saying. “For example, a country pub with three or four machines would never justify putting the system in.”

The technology costs US$20,000 to US$30,000. (AGB)