Imperial Pacific Aims to Build Brand Awareness in Japan

Lu Tsai, senior vice-president of operations and improvement for Imperial Pacific in Saipan, met with Asia Gaming Brief on the sidelines on the Japan Gaming Congress on Thursday to discuss his company’s efforts to build brand awareness within the Japanese market, an effort which he is now in the process of launching.

According to Tsai, about 20% of Imperial Pacific’s current visitors are from Japan, a proportion which they would like to expand in light of the fact that they tend to be above average customers.

“We are here because we know that Japan is an important market for Saipan from a marketing tourism perspective,” Tsai explained, “We will most likely engage with some travel agencies and air partners, and that will be our first step.”

Tsai noted that the Imperial Pacific IR in Saipan is still under construction, with the hotel likely to open near the end of 2019. (AGB Nippon)