Non-Smoking Pachinko Parlors Gaining Ground

An increasing number of pachinko parlors are adopting non-smoking policies. In most cases this means the division of the shop into smoking and non-smoking sections, but some pachinko parlors are going fully non-smoking as well.

An online database for customers seeking non-smoking pachinko lists 29 parlors within the Tokyo metropolitan district. This represents about 3.6% of the estimated 805 parlors currently operating in the capital district. Among these, only 5 parlors (0.6%) are list as fully non-smoking facilities.

The online database Non-Smoking Pachinko Portal Site explains as follows: “Various efforts are being carried out regarding the cessation of smoking at public facilities and commercial facilities, as part of efforts leading to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games in 2020. Pachinko parlors are no exception.”

Generally speaking, pachinko parlors in Japan maintain a seedy image, but with intensified public scrutiny on issues such as gambling addiction and public health, at least part of the industry seems interested in cleaning up its act. (AGB Nippon)