Osaka Governor Frustrated with Legislative Delays

In a Wednesday press conference, Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui expressed his frustration with other national opposition parties for their boycott of legislative business, making it less likely that the IR Implementation Bill can be passed in the current Diet session.

“It’s strange that those who sabotage affairs are allowed to postpone the business of the nation,” he declared, then adding, “I believe we should proceed calmly by advancing the legislation which must be passed in the current Diet session.”

Governor Matsui repeated that Osaka plans to open its IR at Yumeshima during the course of FY2023. If delays at the national level make that goal impractical, Osaka will aim to open the IR as soon as possible after that date.

Aside from his position as governor, Matsui is also leader of the national Japan Innovation Party. Theoretically an opposition party, this rightwing grouping often takes the side of the Abe government against the rest of the opposition parties. (AGB Nippon)