The very first edition of SiGMA took place in Fall 2014, becoming the largest dedicated remote gaming exhibition and conference in Malta. The show took the whole industry by surprise from a networking, education and business perspective. Cue – mark your diaries! The dates for SiGMA2015 are cast in stone, between the 4th and 7th November.

    “But why Malta?” In the words of SiGMA event organiser Eman Pulis, “Malta is host to some 300 gaming companies and strong workforce of 9,000. The idea of creating a platform to showcase the industry had been brewing in many c-level executives’ minds. With this feedback and the support from the LGA and the Government of Malta, we took off eighteen months ago and, as a result, the first event has been held, quite successfully it seems. It’s safe to guess that we’ll be back next year with new content and exciting features.” Partner Dennis Dhyr-Hansen elaborates further, “I’m thrilled to see so many affiliates and operators doing business in such a relaxed environment – friends from the industry, networking in Malta. I see a lot of potential in SiGMA becoming an annual event in the best interest of all.”

    With such a busy events calendar, you often have to choose which shows to attend or miss. The organisers outlined why SiGMA and Malta are worth your busy calendar with SIX key reasons.

    Reason One. INDUSTRY TREND

    To start off, it’s essential to understand that the B2B Gaming industry is made up of three distinct pillars:

    Within PILLAR ONE you have Service Providers; Suppliers of software, white label solutions, regulators, IT Law and accountancy firms, payment gateway systems and more.

    Within PILLAR TWO you find theOperators; including operators of sports book, online casinos, online bingo and lotto as well as, to an extent, Forex, Binary and CFD.

    The THIRD PILLAR includes allPublishers, from affiliates to SEO wizards, content writers and bloggers.

    The separation between these three pillars is constantly shrinking. Today’s super affiliate, for instance, is fast becoming an operator, thanks to lower barriers to entry.

    Such trend calls for a show that brings those three pillars under one roof.

    Which is where we come in!

    SiGMA is the only 360° show in Malta that brings the entire industry, from C-Level Executives to Super Affiliates, under one roof.

    Reason Two. TRUST

    In one year alone, SiGMA won the trust of many industry players. Virtually all our exhibitors from 2014 will exhibit again in 2015. SiGMA also won the trust of many exhibitors who did not take part last year for whatever reason.

    We spend an entire year making sure that this one show is a success for everyone.

    Reason Three. LOCATION

    The tiny state with a big entrepreneurial spirit; Malta is home to 300 gaming companies, 500 licenses, a 9,000 strong workforce, making it easier for everyone to meet, greet and do business. The great weather and affordable accommodation in November helps too! SiGMA will include a string of open air networking events.

    Reason Four. KNOWLEDGE

    SiGMA15 will feature four conferences, where industry experts can network more intimately.

    Conference 1 is all about the current World Regulatory Briefing;

    Conference 2 will focus on payments and financial technology, including cryptocurrencies;

    Conference 3 is dedicated to affiliates and SEO trends; and finally

    Conference 4 will feature the digital games industry, gamification and the rise of Daily Fantasy Sport.

    Reason Five. VALUE

    A free admission policy for affiliates and a low entry fee for all other participants is indicative of a solid turnout. We’re anticipating 3,000 quality delegates. Not bad for a show that enjoys worldwide coverage thanks to an exhaustive list of media partners.

    Reason Six. NETWORKING

    The show is unlike any other. SiGMA has a different format. Different organisers. A different crowd. Different affiliates, meaning different deals are made. You will not run into the same faces again.

    SiGMA can guarantee both quality and quantity with 1 Expo, 4 Conferences,  40 Affiliate Programs, 60 speakers, 100 Exhibitors  and 3,000+ participants.