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    Abe, Shinzo

    Adelson, Sheldon

    Allen, James

    Baya, Tsunehachi

    Biamonti, Jean-Luc

    Bowers, Ed

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    Cheng, Daniel

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    Icahn, Carl

    Born in New York City and beginning his career as a stockbroker, Icahn became one of the most famous corporate raiders and activist shareholders. Through these activities, he became a billionaire and one of the richest people in the world. Although his interests are wide-ranging, the gaming industry has long been one of the areas in which he has sometimes made major investments.

    Satre, Philip

    Deeply experienced in the gaming industry, Satre was at one point the chairman and CEO of Harrah's Entertainment. More recently, he has been president of the National Center for Responsible Gaming. Satre joined the board of Wynn in August 2018 and was promoted to chairman in November 2018. He was brought in as a figure to restore an image of integrity to the company after the sexual misconduct accusations against the firm's co-founder, Steve Wynn.

    Yamaya, Yoshiyuki

    Yamaya joined the Orix Corporation in 1980 and spent 35 years in the company, rising to the post of vice-president. He has held his current position as president of Kansai Airports since 2016.

    Morishige, Toshiya

    Morishige joined the Transport Ministry in 1980. More recently he has been seconded to the Cabinet Office. He is now playing a critical role in the design of the specific policies that will govern the forthcoming casino gambling industry in Japan.

    Kastrati, Ari

    Kastrati joined MGM Resorts in 2010 after a stint in the Mina Group, a San Francisco-based company that creates and operates upscale restaurants. He gained his present title as senior vice-president in 2015.