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    In China, holds the largest online sports lottery market share in terms of purchase amount of sports lottery products. It was also among the first companies to provide online lottery services in China, and it is the only government approved private online lottery service provider. acts as an aggregator and processor of lottery purchase orders from its registered user accounts to sports lottery administration centers, and offers a comprehensive and integrated suite of online lottery services, information, user tools and virtual community venues to their users.

    Abe, Shinzo

    A life-long politician from a family of politicians, Abe was groomed to be prime minister from a young age. He achieved this ambition briefly in 2006-2007, and then much more successfully since December 2012. Abe is a rightwing conservative and an advocate for the construction of IRs in Japan.

    Adelson, Sheldon

    Arguably the most powerful individual in the gaming industry, Adelson is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Las Vegas Sands, largely credited with having developed the highly successful model of IR development based on MICE facilities. He is also a multi-billionaire who donates large sums of money to political campaigns in the United States and elsewhere.

    Allen, James

    In charge of the gaming operations of the Seminole Tribe of Florida since 2001, Allen played a key role in the tribe's purchase of Hard Rock International in 2007. He has played the leadership role since that time.

    Biamonti, Jean-Luc

    Starting his career in banking, Biamonti joined Société des Bains de Mer as a Director in 1985 and rose to the position of Chairman a decade later. He became Chairman and CEO in 2013.

    Bloomberry Resorts Corporation

    Bloomberry Resorts have made several statements of interest in expanding into the Japan IR market, but to date it is not clear that it has taken concrete action in that direction.

    Bluhm, Neil

    Starting his career as a lawyer, Bluhm rose to become a self-made billionaire through the real estate industry. He later entered gaming, becoming a leading operator and developer in North America. He and his family are heavily involved in philanthropy. He is a donor to the US Democratic Party and a noted art collector.

    Bowers, Ed

    Bowers is MGM Resorts International's executive vice-president of global development and also has been CEO of MGM Resorts Japan since its establishment in 2014.

    Caesars Entertainment Corporation

    Caesars Entertainment is aggressively bidding to enter the Japan IR market, looking at investments in both major urban markets as well as regional opportunities. Compared to many other major US operators, Caesars has only a minor presence in Asia and they seem to view Japan as their best chance to quickly catch up.

    Chan, Ted

    Chan had a long gaming industry career at Melco before jumping to Galaxy. This was facilitated by his strong personal rapport and respect for Vice-Chairman Francis Lui. He now has overall responsibility for Galaxy's campaign to win an IR license in Japan.

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    Kushiro City

    Kushiro possesses a beautiful natural area in Hokkaido with rich connections to the Ainu past.

    Strock, Jonathan

    By the time he rose to his current position as Barrière's director of casino development at the end of 2013, Strock possessed a couple of decades of experience in the gaming industry in positions such as the general manager of the Casino de Carry le Rouet and as Barrière's slot machines manager for over forty casinos.

    Gordon, Chris

    Trained as an engineer, Gordon had deep experience in real estate development before joining Wynn. For example, he was for a time the COO for the Allston Development Group, the real estate development arm of Harvard University. He was also the founder of his own firm, the Dirigo Group. His main project for Wynn has been the development of Wynn Boston Harbor.

    Kono, Shunji

    Kono's career began in the Internal Affairs Ministry, which eventually posted him to Miyazaki Prefecture. In 2007 he rose to the status of Vice-Governor. In 2011, when then-Governor Hideo Higashikokubaru decided to leave office, Kono left the ministry and successfully ran for the post of governor. He was reelected in 2015 and has already indicated that he plans to run again in 2019.

    Fujiki, Yukio

    President of the Fujiki Transportation and Stevedoring Company since 1970, Fujiki is also the influential chairman of the Yokohama Harbor Transport Association. Although an advocate for the further development of the Yamashita Pier area, he took a different position from most local business leaders by opposing the establishment of a casino in Yokohama.