Suncity Group


    Suncity Group, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, was founded in 2007 and has been engaged in a rapid expansion based on the success of its junket business. One of its most prominent recent moves was to ink a deal to provide management and consultancy services to the owners of the US$4 billion Hoiana Integrated Resort, which is due to open in Vietnam in October. They are also involved in a casino project in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Moreover, Suncity is even thought to be under consideration as a possible seventh concessionaire in Macau’s lucrative gaming market.


    Chau, Alvin

    Family Name: Chau Given Name: Alvin Role: Chairman and Executive Director Profile: With a background in operating VIP clubs in hotels, Chau founded the Suncity Group in 2011, which quickly rose to become the dominant force in Macau's junket market. He attained his current position as Chairman and Executive Director in May 2017.

    Au, John

    Family Name: Au Given Name: John Role: Executive Director Profile: Educated at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Au entered the Macau gaming industry in 2004. He has been the executive director of the Suncity Group since May 2017.

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    Suncity Group has revealed its plans for an IR featuring the traditions, history, and natural landscape of Wakayama.

    Suncity Plans Tourist Resort in Miyakojima

    In a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last Friday, the Suncity Group revealed that it had acquired ownership of a 108,800 square meter plot of land in northern Miyakojima which it intends to utilize for a resort hotel development.

    Suncity Launches Japanese Website and Wakayama IR Concept Movie

    Making up for lost time, the Suncity Group has launched its Japanese-language website, complete with a high production value, five-minute movie outlining its concept for an IR at Marina City, Wakayama.

    Suncity Affirms Interest in Wakayama IR Bid

    Suncity Group Executive Director John Au Chung On made clear at a symposium on Monday that his company was planning to make an IR bid in Japan, and that Wakayama was a location that they are focusing on.

    Suncity Group Enters the Japan IR Market

    Macau-based Suncity Group, mainly known as a giant in the junket industry, has signaled its interest in joining the Japan IR race by deploying an executive director to speak at a symposium in Wakayama in late August.

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    Melco Resorts & Entertainment’s Studio City IR in Macau plans to stop VIP rolling chip operations from January 15, 2020, reflecting its second switch on high rollers since opening in 2015.

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    Suncity Group, which recently announced its foray into IR projects in Cambodia and Vietnam, has assured its shareholders that its activities in these countries is lawful under Hong Kong laws.

    Suncity Extends Deadline for Vietnam IR Stake Purchase

    Macau junket operator Suncity Group has again extended the deadline for the purchase of a 34% stake in a casino project in Vietnam until July 31.

    Amax Denies Suncity Takeover of Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel

    Amax International Holdings has denied a report in a Chinese newspaper that Macau’s leading junket operator, Suncity Group, has taken control of the Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel, which is located in Macau.

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    Suncity Group, Macau’s leading junket operator, has formed a consortium in Japan to study a potential license bid there, executive director Andrew Ho said in an interview.

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