Kawasaki City

    Website: http://www.city.kawasaki.jp/

    Prefecture: Kanagawa

    Population (Prefectural): 9.2 million

    GDP (Prefectural): 33.9 trillion yen

    Candidate Site: Near Haneda Airport

    Main IR Assets: Location next to Haneda Airport, the largest airport in Japan, serving the entire capital region, as well as a large proportion of the tourists visiting Japan.

    Key Proponent: Mayor Norihiko Fukuda


    Fukuda, Norihiko

    Family Name: Fukuda Given Name: Norihiko Party: Independent Role: Mayor of Kawasaki City IR Stance: Unclear Profile: Educated partly in the United States, Fukuda's political career was launched in 2003 when he was elected to the Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly. In 2013, he was elected to the post of Mayor of Kawasaki City.

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