Casinos Austria


    Casinos Austria International was established in 1976 as the international arm of its parent company, Casinos Austria AG, whose own history traces back to 1934. They claim that since their founding Casinos Austria International has operated in 35 countries and opened 215 casinos and entertainment facilities.

    Casinos Austria International held a press conference in Tokyo in November 2018 announcing their intention to enter the Japan IR race, as well as the appointment of Akio Hayashi as the leader of their local effort.


    Hayashi, Akio

    Family Name: Hayashi Given Name: Akio Role: President Profile: Hayashi's career before his appointment to lead Casinos Austria International's Japan IR effort related entirely to medical research. Among other things, he founded the BIOS Corporation in 2015, one of his several endeavors related to regenerative medicine.

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