Izumisano City

    Website: http://www.city.izumisano.lg.jp/

    Prefecture: Osaka

    Population (Prefectural): 8.8 million

    GDP (Prefectural): 39.1 trillion yen

    Candidate Site: Rinku Town

    Main IR Assets: Location next to Kansai International Airport, the main air gateway to the entire Kansai region, and a local community that is thought to be supportive of an IR bid.

    Key Proponent: Izumisano City Council

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    Internationally, if not necessarily domestically, the flooding of Kansai International Airport is being discussed not as an aberration caused by a freak storm, but as a warning for the future as climate change causes sea levels to rise and typhoons to become more powerful.

    Kansai International Airport Slowly Recovering from Typhoon Damage

    On Tuesday morning, West Japan Railway Company and Nankai Electric Railway Company restarted their train services to Kansai International Airport, two weeks after a massive typhoon caused a tanker ship to crash into the bridge connecting the airport to the main island of Honshu.

    Izumisano Still Hoping for IR

    Izumisano city in Osaka Prefecture has not given up its hopes of hosting an IR, even though rival Yumeshima has been backed by the incumbent governor.