SJM Holdings


    SJM Holdings is part of the same business empire that held the monopoly on casino gambling in Macau from 1962 until 2002, and it remains a major enterprise through its flagship property the Grand Lisboa Hotel as well as many others. The central figure is Stanley Ho, who is now quite elderly and in poor health. SJM has the deepest roots in Macau of any its competitors, but as a former monopoly has been somewhat less enterprising in reaching out to other markets.

    SJM has expressed interest in the Japanese market and has given presentations, but it remains unclear if they intend to take active measures to bid for an IR license.


    Ho, Pansy

    Family Name: Ho Given Name: Pansy Role: Largest Shareholder Profile: Pansy is a daughter of SJM Holdings founder Stanley Ho, who for decades held the monopoly of casino gambling in Macau, and the full sister of Daisy Ho and Lawrence Ho. She has become one of the most powerful of Stanley's children, and may emerge as his main heir. She has major roles in Shun Tak Holdings, STDM, and MGM Macau, and is aiming for control of SJM Holdings. She has been accused of links to organized crime.

    Leong, Angela

    Family Name: Leong Given Name: Angela Role: Co-Chairman and Executive Director Profile: Leong is the fourth and final wife of SJM Holdings founder Stanley Ho. She has also been one of the most powerful figures in the company, and the main rival to Pansy Ho for control of the enterprise. Aside from her positions as co-chairman, executive director, and a major shareholder of SJM, she is also an elected lawmaker of the Legislative Council of Macau.

    Ho, Daisy

    Family Name: Ho Given Name: Daisy Role: Chairman and Executive Director Profile: Daughter of SJM Holdings founder Stanley Ho, who for decades held the monopoly of casino gambling in Macau, Daisy Ho was appointed to lead the company in June 2018 upon the retirement of her father. She is also the sister of Melco Resorts & Entertainment head Lawrence Ho.

    So, Ambrose

    Family Name: So Given Name: Ambrose Role: Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Profile: So joined the gaming industry in 1976 and became the key lieutenant to Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho. When his boss' health took a sharp turn for the worse in 2009, So emerged as the key leader of SJM in his own right, with overall responsibility for strategy and management.

    Ho, Arnaldo

    Family Name: Ho Given Name: Arnaldo Role: Assistant Chief Operating Officer Profile: The son of casino magnate Stanley Ho and Angela Leong, Arnaldo Ho has, despite his young age, been given a very prominent role as the international salesman for SJM Holdings and many of its projects. He has been the face of SJM's campaign to become better known in the Japan IR market.

    Ho, Stanley

    Family Name: Ho Given Name: Stanley Role: Chairman Emeritus Profile: Born into the powerful Ho-Tung clan in Hong Kong, in 1962 Ho gained monopoly rights to Macau's gambling business, which he and his family would keep for the next forty years. After the Macau government opened the gambling industry to competition in 2002, Ho's SJM remained a major force, though its market share steadily declined. In 2018 at age 96 he finally retired from an active role in business, although his many children such as Pansy, Daisy, and Lawrence remain key figures in Macau's gambling industry.

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    SJM Holdings Chair and Executive Director Daisy Ho gave the opening address at the G2E Asia gaming show on Tuesday, predicting a bright future for Macau as an integral part of China’s Greater Bay Area plan.

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    Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia has released the schedule for the G2E Asia 2019 Conference Program taking place May 21 to 23 at The Venetian Macao.

    SJM Profits Rise 16.5% in January-March 2019 Period

    SJM Holdings said its January-March 2019 period profit rose 16.5% over the prior year to HK$850 million (about US$108 million), driven by mass market revenue.

    Morgan Stanley Optimistic on Macau IR Market

    Analysts at Morgan Stanley expressed optimism for Macau’s gaming industry over the medium term, with expectations of a market cap doubling by the end of 2022, driven by improving infrastructure and other factors.

    SJM and MGM Licenses Extended to 2022

    The Macau government on Friday announced it has extended the licenses of SJM and MGM to June 26, 2022, following requests from both operators.

    SJM Expects Lisboa Palace Completion by June

    SJM Holdings posted a 45.2% gain in 2018 profit and said that it expects to complete construction of its Cotai IR, the Grand Lisboa Palace, in the first half of this year.

    SJM Cotai Property to Provide Different Offerings than Competitors

    SJM Holdings Executive Director Angela Leong last week said that since SJM Holdings will become the last gaming operator to open a property in Cotai, the company will be aiming to provide differentiated offerings from its competitors.

    Pansy Ho Makes a Play for SJM Board

    Last Wednesday night, an alliance was formed between Shun Tak Holdings, a company owned by Stanley Ho, Fok Foundation, and three parties controlled by Pansy Ho with the aim of “advancing fundamental objectives” in relation to the STDM Group, and SJM Holdings.

    Hokkaido IR Showcase Brings Together Operators and Local Community

    The inaugural Hokkaido IR Showcase came to a close last Thursday, as seven IR operators and numerous other Japanese companies and associations exhibited at the first public IR event to be held in the prefecture.

    Stanley Ho Ends Era at SJM Holdings

    Stanley Ho, known as the King of Gambling, has formally retired from his post as chairman of SJM Holdings, ending a near six-decade career in Macau’s gambling industry.

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    Melco Resorts & Entertainment and SJM Holdings have improved maternity and paternity leave benefits for employees.

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