Echizen City


    Prefecture: Fukui

    Population (Prefectural): 770,000

    GDP (Prefectural): 3.2 trillion yen

    Candidate Site: Nanetsu Shinkansen Station

    Main IR Assets: The opening of the Hokuriku shinkansen line will allow easy access from both the Tokyo and Osaka regions. No other candidate locations have appeared in the Hokuriku region, which does draw some tourists looking for the experience of the Sea of Japan coast.

    Key Proponent: Fukui Association of Corporate Executives


    Nishikawa, Issei

    Family Name: Nishikawa Given Name: Issei Party: Independent Role: Governor of Fukui Prefecture IR Stance: Unclear Profile: Nishikawa began as a bureaucrat in the internal affairs ministry, eventually becoming the Vice-Governor of Fukui in 1995 in that capacity. He retired from the ministry and successfully ran for governor in 2003. Within the national context, Nishikawa is known was one of the strongest local advocates of nuclear energy, even in the post-Fukushima era. Fukui Prefecture hosts the nation's largest concentration of nuclear power plants.

    Nara, Toshiyuki

    Family Name: Nara Given Name: Toshiyuki Party: Independent Role: Mayor of Echizen City IR Stance: Unclear Profile: A product of the Matsushita Institute of Government and Management, Nara served four terms in the Fukui Prefectural Assembly. When an administrative reorganization recreated Echizen city in 2005, Nara was elected the inaugural mayor and has retained his post ever since.

    Hayashi, Masahiro

    Family Name: Hayashi Given Name: Masahiro Organization: Fukui Association of Corporate Executives Role: Co-Chairman IR Stance: Advocate Profile: Hayashi is president of Fukui Bank. In his capacity as co-chairman of the Fukui Association of Corporate Executives, Hayashi led the March 2018 initiative to build an IR at Echizen city, Fukui Prefecture.

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