Sega Sammy Holdings


    Sega Sammy Holdings is a Japanese consolidated holding company formed from the merger of Sega and Sammy in 2004. Its focus is the amusement industry, mainly pachinko and pachislot machines, arcade games, and video game consoles. It has a smaller division, Sega Sammy Creation, which develops and sells casino slot machines abroad. A subsidiary called Paradise Segasammy Company, founded in 2012, manages an Integrated Resort in Incheon, South Korea, in a joint venture with Paradise Company. Within Japan, Sega Sammy also runs the non-casino Phoenix Seagaia Resort.

    Sega Sammy is a domestic Japanese company which possesses ambitions to operate its own IR in Japan. Indeed, Chairman and CEO Satomi has been repeating since at least 2012 that he expects IRs to become the future “mainstay business” of Sega Sammy Holdings.


    Satomi, Hajime

    Family Name: Satomi Given Name: Hajime Role: Chairman and CEO Profile: Satomi is the founder of the Sammy Corporation, which became the largest maker of pachinko and pachislot machines. In 2004, Satomi acquired Sega and formed Sega Sammy Holdings. Satomi is also known for his interest in thoroughbred horses.

    Satomi, Haruki

    Family Name: Satomi Given Name: Haruki Role: President and COO Profile: The younger Satomi is the son of the company founder. Initially, Haruki did not intend to follow in his father's footsteps and joined an investment bank, but in 2004 he joined Sammy (later Sega Sammy) and has risen to become the heir apparent.

    Oguchi, Hisao

    Family Name: Oguchi Given Name: Hisao Role: President and Chief Executive Officer of Sega Sammy Creation Profile: Oguchi began his career by joining Sega in 1984, rising to become the president of the company in 2003. Sega was soon bought out by what would become Sega Sammy Holdings, and Oguchi moved to a variety of senior executive positions. When Sega Sammy Creation was established in 2013 to enter the casino machine business, Oguchi was appointed to lead the operation.

    Winzeler, Scott

    Family Name: Winzeler Given Name: Scott Role: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sega Sammy Creation USA Profile: Winzeler spent a long period working for the firm International Game Technologies, and later became a gaming industry consultant. He was appointed chairman and president of Sega Sammy Creation USA in 2019.

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    Sega Sammy Sees 3.2% Decline in Net Sales in April-September 2019 Period

    Sega Sammy Holdings has recorded its net sales in the April-September 2019 six-month period at nearly 166 billion yen (about US$1.5 billion), which represents a 3.2% year-on-year decline.

    Sega Sammy Creation Installs First Slots in Macau

    Sega Sammy Creation has announced the installation of its first slot titles in Macau, and says it is optimistic about the future of its slot games in the Asian market.

    Sega Sammy Records 5.7% Increase in Net Income in April-June Period

    Sega Sammy Holdings recorded a group-wide 72.7 billion yen (about US$673 million) net income in the April-June 2019 period, representing a 5.7% year-on-year increase. Operating profits reached 3.4 billion yen (about US$31 million) for the quarter, which was a 265% increase over the 2018 figure.

    Sega Sammy Creation Launches Genesis Star Slot Cabinet

    Sega Sammy Creation has announced the deployment of the “Genesis Star” slot cabinet this month, which was approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in June.

    Melanie Brock Joins Board of Sega Sammy Holdings

    Australian Melanie Brock has been elected as external director of the board at Sega Sammy Holdings, a measure indicating the firm’s growing commitment to internationalization. All fifteen of the other board members, however, are Japanese men.

    Eight IR Operators Aiming at Major Markets

    It has recently become possible to understand with increased clarity which IR operators will be bidding for Japan’s two major markets—the Kanto and the Kansai—and where each of them are now focusing.

    Sega Sammy Preparing Budget and Consortium for Japan IR Bid

    Sega Sammy Holdings President and COO Haruki Satomi revealed at a briefing on April 26 that his company was budgeting up to 3 billion yen (about US$27 million) in funds in the coming fiscal year for Japan IR bid preparations and would likely reveal its consortium partners before March 2020.

    Sega Video Games Inspire New Line of Video Slot Machines

    Sega Sammy Creation has announced that it will soon unveil a new series of video slot machines that draw their inspiration from internationally-known Sega video games.

    Scott Winzeler Appointed Chairman and CEO of Sega Sammy Creation USA

    Scott Winzeler has been appointed chairman of Sega Sammy Creation USA, the wholly-owned Las Vegas-based subsidiary of the Japanese gaming machine company Sega Sammy Creation.

    Sega Sammy’s Paradise City IR Set to Open Indoor Amusement Park

    The Paradise City IR in Incheon, the joint venture between Sega Sammy Holdings and South Korean resort operator Paradise Group, has announced that the indoor amusement park “Wonderbox” is set to open to the public this coming Sunday.

    Sega Sammy Creation Expands Its Range of Slot Cabinets

    Sega Sammy Creation has announced the release of its Genesis Star slot cabinet, its second new gaming machine this year following the unveiling of the Genesis Slant slot cabinet in January.

    Sega Sammy’s Baccarat Gaming Machine Thriving at MGM Casinos

    Sega Sammy Creation announced that it successfully installed its "Baccarat Maximum Fortune" gaming machine at MGM Macau on January 23. This follows the debut the same variety of machine at MGM Cotai last June, indicating that it has been well-received.

    Pachinko Business Drags Sega Sammy Down in April-December 2018 Period

    Hit hard by falling sales in the pachinko machine business, Sega Sammy Holdings recorded a 4.0% year-on-year decrease in net sales the April-December 2018 period and a steep 53.5% decline in operating income in the same period.
    Kanto Region IR Consortium

    Sega Sammy Aims for “Top Share” in Kanto Region IR Consortium

    At a Sega Sammy Holdings management meeting held on November 30, President and COO Haruki Satomi revealed that his firm was aiming for the “top share” in any IR consortium to be built in the Tokyo-Yokohama region.
    Paradise Group gain

    Paradise Group November Sales Drop 5 Percent

    Paradise Group casino sales fell almost 5 percent in November as a gain in electronic gaming machine revenue failed to offset a drop in tables.

    Nikkei IR Forum Draws Large Audience

    The Nihon Keizai Shinbun’s high-powered IR Forum in Tokyo drew more than six hundred guests, not including the many others who reportedly had to be turned away by an excess of applications. The event brought together government officials, IR operators, analysts, and others for an intensive day-long event last Wednesday.

    Paradise October Sales Jump 39.2 Percent

    Paradise Entertainment posted a 39.2 percent jump in October casino sales from the same month last year, lead by table games.

    Sega Sammy Posts 12.2% Net Sales Decline in April-September Period

    Sega Sammy Holdings released a report on Thursday showing a 12.2% net sales decline in April-September 2018 as compared to the same period a year earlier, falling to the figure of just over 171 billion yen (about US$1.5 billion). Moreover, its operating income plummeted by 61.9%.

    Sega Sammy Seeks Future as Major International IR Operator

    Sega Sammy Holdings released its 150-page “Integrated Report 2018” this week in which, among other things, the company proclaims its intention to be “on an equal footing with world-famous IR operators” both domestically and internationally.

    Sega Sammy Consolidates Group Companies in New Tokyo Office

    The Sega Sammy Group is bringing together twenty of its group companies and about 6,500 employees into a centralized new headquarters building near Osaki Station in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo.

    Paradise City Phase One Complete

    Paradise SegaSammy said it will open new facilities at Paradise City, with a greater emphasis on entertainment, on September 21, completing the first phase of the development.

    Sega Sammy Sees Sharp Decline in Profitability in 2018Q2

    Sega Sammy Holdings has released new financial data showing a 35.8% decline in sales revenue in the April-June 2018 period as compared to the same period last year, which resulted in a sharp 97.1% decline in net profitability.

    Japanese Gamers Drive Paradise City Revenue

    Sega Sammy Holdings and Paradise Co. are seeing a gradual ramp up in their Paradise City IR on Yeongjong Island, with increased visitation from Japan making up for the shortfall in Chinese arrivals due to last year’s travel ban.

    Paradise’s Revenue Gains as Machine Income Soars

    South Korea’s Paradise Co. reported a 25.2 percent gain in May gaming revenue, led by surging machine sales, it said in a stock exchange filing.

    Sega Sammy Says Paradise Phase 2 Open Before March 2019

    Sega Sammy Holdings says the second phase of the Paradise City integrated resort in South Korea will open before the end of March next year.

    Sega Sammy’s Haruki Satomi Speaks of IR Ambitions

    Haruki Satomi, president and COO of Sega Sammy Holdings, as well as the son of company founder Hajime Satomi, was interviewed on CNBC on May 4, speaking of his company’s IR ambitions.

    Miyazaki Drops Out of IR Race

    Miyazaki Governor Shunji Kono has concluded that there is no point in his sparsely-populated prefecture attempting to join the IR hunt.