Groupe Barrière


    Groupe Barrière operates casinos in France, Switzerland, elsewhere in Europe and parts of Africa. The group also operates in the luxury hotel, catering, and leisure industries. Founded in 1912 by François André and subsequently developed and managed by Lucien Barrière, Barrière is now a market leader for French and Swiss casinos. The group is also well known in the food and beverage industry. In total, Barrière currently has more than thirty casinos, almost twenty luxury Hotels and over 120 restaurants and bars, including the famous Fouquet’s in Paris.

    Groupe Lucien Barrière’s development team began visiting Japan from 2014 and has returned ever since on roughly a monthly basis, looking at the possibility of bidding for one of the smaller, regional IR locations in Japan. It seeks to build what it calls a “European-style IR” in Japan, by which it means more of a focus on leisure activities other than gambling. Should Barrière win an IR license in Japan, it would become its only property east of the Suez Canal.


    Desseigne, Dominique

    Family Name: Desseigne Given Name: Dominique Role: Chairman & CEO Profile: Having graduated with a Masters in law and a diploma in legal studies from a university in Paris, Dominique Desseigne was a public notary from 1980 to 1997. Following his wife Diane Barrière's serious accident, he co-managed Groupe Barrière with her from 1997 until her death in 2001, when he took over management alone. He is currently Groupe Barrière’s CEO and the Desseigne-Barrière family holds a 60% controlling stake in the company.

    Strock, Jonathan

    Family Name: Strock Given Name: Jonathan Role: Director of Casino Development Profile: By the time he rose to his current position as Barrière's director of casino development at the end of 2013, Strock possessed a couple of decades of experience in the gaming industry in positions such as the general manager of the Casino de Carry le Rouet and as Barrière's slot machines manager for over forty casinos.

    Desseigne-Barrière, Alexandre

    Family Name: Desseigne-Barrière Given Name: Alexandre Role: Executive Vice-President of Hotels, F&B, and Group Transformation Profile: The son of Dominique Desseigne and Diane Barrière, Alexandre is the expected heir to their business empire. He began working in various management positions at Groupe Barrière in 2014, and by 2019 he had reached the post of Executive Vice-President of Hotels, F&B, and Group Transformation.

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