Konami Names Sina Miri As Vice-President of Innovation and Strategy

Konami Gaming has announced the appointment of gaming technology leader Sina Miri to the post of vice-president for innovation and strategic research and development.

Miri has led some of the world’s most recognizable gaming brands with the ability to drive new user experience enhancements while increasing business performance. He has a proven track record in shaping strategic vision and delivery of new technology by capitalizing upon advances in mobile, social, cashless, and data-driven omnichannel entertainment.

“Konami is committed to being a leader in innovation within the gaming space, leveraging the company’s vast resources and intellectual property to support the industry’s growth and evolution,” said Victor Duarte, senior vice president and chief product and strategy officer.

“Sina Miri’s technical expertise, strategic vision, and passion for innovation will empower our organization to achieve that mission at the highest level,” he added. (AGB)