GLI Japan Wins Government Endorsement

On August 6, the Japanese government announced that GLI Japan had become only the second officially-recognized pachinko and pachislot machine testing and certification organization, breaking the monopoly that has hitherto been held by the Security Communications Association (Hotsukyo).

Abroad, GLI, or Gaming Laboratories International, is a dominant player in the testing and certification of casino-related equipment such as slot machines, but GLI Japan remains in an embryonic form.

The government announcement of official status for GLI Japan raises more questions than it answers.

For example, observers do not know whether this means that GLI Japan is now a rival organization to the Security Communications Association, or if a specific of division of roles is intended. Moreover, there are doubts that GLI Japan currently possesses the capabilities to perform the roles that it is now authorized to conduct.

Looking ahead, it is not known whether or not a GLI Japan role in testing and certifying pachinko and pachislot machines, under the auspices of the National Public Safety Commission, has implications for any role it might play in future casino machinery regulation under the auspices of the yet-to-be-established Casino Management Board. (AGB Nippon)