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IR Bill Expected to Pass House of Representatives on June 19

With the IR Implementation Bill having been rammed through the Cabinet Committee on Friday, June 15, it is now expected that it will be passed through a plenary session of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, June 19, over the fierce objections of opposition parties.

Hard Rock to Open Tomakomai Office

Hard Rock Japan is preparing to open an office in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, in August or September, a further signal that the Orlando, Florida, based operator is focusing its IR efforts on this regional city.

Strong Opposition to Yamashita Pier IR Concept

Chairman Yukio Fujiki of the Yokohama Harbor Transport Association reiterated in an interview with the Mainichi Shinbun his strong opposition to the siting of an IR at Yamashita Pier. He also suggested that if the city government nevertheless will not be deterred in its desire to host a casino, then they should look to convert a local US military base instead.

Casino Moneylending Scheme May Face Legal Challenges

Anti-casino lawyers argue that the controversial Article 85 of the IR Implementation Bill, which would allow operators to lend money to casino guests, is not simply a concern from the point of view of problem gambling, but may in fact be open to legal challenges in the future.

Opposition Parties Again Head Off IR Bill Vote

Fresh opposition party maneuvers now appear likely to prevent passage this week of the IR Implementation Bill through the House of Representatives.

Opposition Forces Short Delay in IR Bill Passage

Opposition party leaders led by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan have continued to signal their fierce disapproval of the IR Implementation Bill, and they found a means to force a short delay in passage of the legislation through the House of Representatives.

Wakayama Officials Confident about IR Bid

Although few independent analysts have rated Wakayama’s chances of winning one of three available IR licenses very highly, prefectural officials are pressing ahead with considerable confidence about their bid.

Shiokawa Blasts American Influence over IR Legislation

Tetsuya Shiokawa, a seven-term House of Representatives lawmaker of the Japan Communist Party, has been arguing repeatedly that the Japanese government has changed the shape of the IR Implementation Bill to suit the preferences of powerful American businessmen—and he’s not pleased about it.

Opposition Makes Last Ditch Appeal against IR Bill

Five House of Representatives lawmakers from five separate opposition parties held a press conference within the Diet Building on June 12 in a last ditch attempt to prevent the passage of the IR Implementation Bill through the Lower House.

IR Bill Critics Target Article on Moneylending

Article 85 of the IR Implementation Bill, which will allow operators to lend money to casino guests, is coming under particularly heavy criticism from opponents of the legislation, who fear that this system will exacerbate problem gambling and other social concerns.

Trending Articles

IR Basic Plan Likely to Be Published in November

The IR Basic Plan, which is to lay out in more substantial detail the requirements and processes to make IR bids, is now expected to be published in November, according to a report in the Sankei Shinbun.

Suncity Launches Japanese Website and Wakayama IR Concept Movie

Making up for lost time, the Suncity Group has launched its Japanese-language website, complete with a high production value, five-minute movie outlining its concept for an IR at Marina City, Wakayama.

Saipan Mulls More Junkets

The Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) in the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands will discuss an application for four new junket operators today, together with a contract extension for Imperial Pacific International’s chairman.

More Than Half of the World’s Gaming Machines in Japan

The number legally installed gaming machines worldwide in 2018 is estimated at 7,402,395, with Japan taking the lion’s share at over 58%.
Fitch Asia Markets

Fitch Pegs Japan IR Revenues at US$6 Billion

Fitch Ratings has estimated that the first round of IR construction in Japan will create revenues in the US$6 billion range, much smaller than, for example, the Morgan Stanley report of April 11 which foresaw a US$15 billion Japanese IR market developing by 2025.